Guru sends a weekly email digest to all users who meet pre-determined criteria, outlined in more detail below. This is a separate communication from the application notifications you might receive by email, Slack, or Microsoft Teams. This digest aims to provide a broad view of what Cards need your attention the most. For Authors, the digest will help you stay on top of your verification queue. For all users, the digest will surface other relevant knowledge you may have missed, keeping you engaged and informed about what's going on at your organization.

Who receives a weekly digest?

Currently, you will receive a weekly digest if you meet all of the following criteria:

  • You are subscribed to Guru's weekly email digest.

  • You have been a member of a Guru team for at least 1 week.

  • You will see at least 3 new or updated Cards in your email digest.

If the user does not meet this criterion, they will not receive an email digest that week.

✍️ Note

You will not receive the email digest if you have opted out of all Guru email notifications. Learn how to manage your email subscriptions and resubscribe.

What information does my weekly digest contain?

Each user's email digest is unique and relevant to their role. A Card might be highlighted in your digest if it meets the criteria below at the time the digest is generated:

Your curated updates: this week's top priorities

  • Updates were made to a Card you follow that you have not yet read.

  • A new Card from an Author you follow that you have not yet read.

  • A Card you are responsible for verifying that is popular and unverified.

  • A Card you verify that is close to expiring (within the next 7 calendar days).

Cards just for you: Your personalized recommendations

  • A personally recommended Card ("Recommended for you") that you have not yet read.

  • A new featured (pinned) Card from your team (featured within the past 2 weeks) that you have not yet read.

  • This week’s most viewed Cards from your team that you have not yet read.

Stay up-to-date: What you may have missed

If there are no eligible Cards to display for a section, Guru will skip including the section in your digest that week. If none of the sections contain at least 3 Cards, Guru will skip sending you a digest that week.

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How can Guru improve your digest? Log Product feedback for other Guru users to upvote in the Guru Community.

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