When a Card is shared in a Slack channel, all users will be able to see that a Card from Guru has been shared. Users with access to that Card can open it directly within Slack and users without access to that Card will get a message explaining their access limitations.

Card Preview in Slack

  • When you post a Guru Card into Slack, it will always show a preview if the Guru app is added to the channel and the person receiving the Card has access to the Card.

  • Those with access will be able to click View Card and view the content of the Card in Slack. They can also open the Card in their Guru web app by selecting Open Card in Guru.

    Here, "preview" is referring to when Cards in Slack display the Card title and current verification status, with the ability to open the Card in a Slack modal or the Guru web app. Below is an example of a Card preview:

Any Guru users who do not have permission to see the Card will see this notification when they click View Card:

Manage User permissions to allow all Slack users to see a Card:

If a team wants all the members of their Slack team to be able to view the content of Guru Cards they need to:

  1. Give the default "All Members" group access to the Collection that the Card lives in.

  2. Give the default "All Members" group access to the Board the Card lives in via Board Permissions.

  3. Send a Public Card (all Slack users would not need to have Guru access in this case).

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