Microsoft currently supports the ability to embed previews of individual files such as Word documents, Powerpoint presentations, and Excel spreadsheets. You can embed previews of these files into Guru Cards.

Organizational objects like Sharepoint libraries and lists and OneDrive folders are not embeddable into Guru Cards. Instead, you can embed the individual files comprising these objects on a one-by-one basis.

✍️ Note

  • Before embedding any Microsoft-hosted file in Guru, be sure to adjust the sharing settings in the file’s Microsoft sharing settings to appropriately align with the users you expect to preview this file in Guru

  • In order for a Guru user to see a preview of the Microsoft file in Guru, the user must be signed into their corresponding Microsoft 365 account in their browser.

  • Otherwise, the user will see a sign-In prompt to access the preview.

Embedding a Word document, Excel spreadsheet, or Powerpoint presentation

  1. Open the Microsoft file for editing in Word, Excel, or Powerpoint for the web. You cannot use the desktop app, where web-based sharing settings are not accessible.

  2. From the menu, select File, Share, and then select Embed. Specify the specific range and interaction settings you’d like.

  3. Copy the embed code provided.

  4. Navigate to your Guru Card and select the Markdown option in the toolbar.

  5. Paste the embed code into the Markdown block.

  6. Click Preview to review how the document will display in your Guru Card.

OneDrive files

Individual files (.docs, .ppt, .csv, etc.) hosted on OneDrive can be individually embedded into Guru Cards following the embedding instructions outlined above.

Organizational objects such as OneDrive folders cannot be embedded into Guru Cards.


Individual files hosted in Sharepoint can be accessed and embedded into Guru cards individually following the embedding instructions outlined above.

Unfortunately, due to limitations enforced by Sharepoint, you cannot embed Sharepoint-specific web parts, such as Document Libraries, Lists, and Apps into Guru Cards.


Microsoft does not support the ability to embed OneNote Notebooks into Guru Cards.

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