Guru is a company wiki focused on providing your internal team with quick access to the knowledge they need to do their job. Teams primarily use Guru for their internal knowledge. Guru compliments external knowledge bases through our features like Public Cards, Knowledge Sync, and our API.

Internal versus external knowledge base

An internal knowledge base, such as Guru, is suited for an internal-facing team. In other words, the knowledge stored in Guru is primarily accessed and shared by members of your internal team.

An external-facing knowledge base is a public-facing platform that allows you to share knowledge and content with members outside of your organization (customers, prospects, etc.).

Though Guru has external-facing capabilities, such as the ability to share Public Cards and use our Developer Network API to export Guru Cards to a third-party app or website, we are focused on providing knowledge to your internal team.

How Guru provides your internal team with quick access to knowledge

Guru's Browser Extension, available for Google Chrome and Opera, allows your team to access the knowledge they need directly within the browser they are already working in.

Guru's Verification engine ensures your team's access to the most up-to-date and relevant knowledge. When saving a Card, you will be asked to select the Verifier and Verification timeline, allowing you to choose the most relevant subject matter expert(s) to keep content up-to-date.

Guru's Verification Engine

Guru's App for Slack allows you to search and surface all of your team's knowledge directly within Slack. With Guru's integration for Slack, you can search, view, share, update, and create new Guru Cards directly within your Slack workflow.

With Guru's Microsoft Teams Integration, your team can search and surface all of your team's knowledge directly in Office 365 using Guru's Answer with Card action, keeping your conversations moving without having to switch contexts.

Announcements allow users to notify their team of critical new or existing knowledge they need to read and certify that they've done so.

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