You must be an Admin to create and permission a Collection.

Creating a Collection

Navigate to the Collections page and click the Create new Collection button. Fill in the details in the pop-up menu to build a Collection from scratch.

You can also navigate to the Collections tab within Team Settings and click Create a new Collection. From the pop-up menu, you can choose to start from scratch with a blank Collection, or, choose to start with a pre-populated Collection Framework.

Creating a Collection in Guru

Collection Frameworks contain pre-built Boards and suggestions for types of Cards to help your team build and organize your own knowledge quickly.

How to create a new Collection or import a Collection framework

Adding Collection details

1. If you chose to start with a blank Collection, the Create new Collection menu will prompt you to:

  • Name the Collection.

  • Customize the Collection's badge color and emoji. By default, the Collection will be assigned a random color and a book emoji. Colors and emojis help your team distinguish Collections from each other. 👌

  • Type a description for the Collection. This helps your team understand what knowledge is contained within.

  • Pick a Group to be the Collection Owner.

  • Decide if you'd like to enable public Card sharing.

2. Click Create Collection to create the Collection with these settings.

You can always edit the Collection's name, badge color, badge emoji, description, owner, and public Card sharing settings at a later date by clicking the Collection's ellipses (“") icon followed by Collection Settings.

✍️ Note

In the General Collection or a pre-populated framework, you will automatically be the individual Collection Owner until you select another Group. In any other Collection that you create from scratch, you can select any Group to be the Collection Owner.

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