At the top of your team’s Cards are “breadcrumbs” that refer to the Collection and Board(s) each Card lives on. Breadcrumbs allow you to identify where your knowledge is located in Guru and navigate to the Collection or Board(s) to gain more context on the Card.

Utilizing Card Breadcrumbs

For Cards on a single Board, breadcrumbs include Collection, Board Group, Board, and Section (if applicable).

  • These are the “breadcrumbs” that will indicate where this Card lives in Guru.

  • All hierarchical layers are clickable.

  • Breadcrumbs are displayed in hierarchical order

✍️ Note

If a user has access to a Board via Board Permissions, but that Board sits within a Board Group that they don’t have access to, the expanded breadcrumb will display that Board Group name, even if they don't have access to the Board Group.

If the Card you’re viewing has been added to more than one Board, the breadcrumb will read “on multiple boards.” Hovering over the breadcrumb will display a list of Boards that the Card is present on. Each of these Board names is clickable, and clicking them will take you to that Board within the web app.

If the Card you’re viewing is not present on any Boards, the Board breadcrumb will read "not on a Board". Placing Cards on Boards is important because it ensures users will be able to find the Cards while browsing the Guru web app.

Editing the Board a Card lives in

You can add/remove the Board a Card lives in when viewing the Card and clicking on the More options menu then on Edit Boards.

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