At the top of your team’s Cards are “breadcrumbs” that refer to the Collection and Board(s) each Card lives on. Breadcrumbs allow you to identify where your knowledge is located in Guru and navigate to Boards to gain more context on the Card.

Utilizing Card Breadcrumbs

  • You’ll see two phrases at the top of the Card next to the verification indicator, above the Card’s title. These are the “breadcrumbs” that will indicate where this Card lives in Guru

  • The phrase on the left of the “/” will be the Collection that Card exists within. This will appear in the color that corresponds with the Collection’s color on the Knowledge page within the web app.

  • To the right of the slash is the Board that Card is present on. Clicking on this breadcrumb will take you to the Board within the web app.

Guru Card Breadcrumbs, one Board

  • If the Card you’re viewing has been added to more than one Board, the Board breadcrumb will read “on multiple boards.” Hovering over the breadcrumb will display a list of Boards that Card is present on. Each of these Board names are clickable, and clicking them will take you to that Board within the web app.

Guru Card Breadcrumbs, multiple Boards.

  • If the Card you’re viewing is not present on any Boards, the Board breadcrumb will Collection will read "not on a Board". Placing Cards on Boards is important because it ensures users will be able to find the Cards while browsing the Guru web app.

Guru Card breadcrumbs,

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