Admins, Collection Owners, and Authors can view and schedule reports in Analytics. You will only be able to view Guru Analytics data on the content within the Collections that you have Author access to.

Scheduled reports allow you to automate analytics reports on a cadence of your choosing. Adjust the filters to make the reports specific to certain teams within your account or specific time frames. You can leverage this data to understand trends in usage, popular search results, adoption metrics, all within a timeline that's most helpful for you.

Schedule an Analytics Report:

  1. To create a scheduled report, navigating to the cog in the top right hand corner of the dashboard you want to export.

  2. Name your scheduled report at the top field.

  3. Select how you would like it received (email or webhook).

  4. Assign recipients by emails.

  5. Choose the format: PDF, Visualization. or CSV zip file.

  6. Choose the frequency and time of day you want the report to be sent to you.

  7. Choose the filters with which it will pull the data.
    (For example: If Group is equal to Sales Reps - you will only receive data for the users in the Sales Reps Group)

  8. Click Save All.

Viewing your Scheduled Analytics Report:

To view any Analytics report you've scheduled to be sent, you must visit the respective Analytics tab where you set up the scheduled report.

  1. Select the cog wheel on the upper-right hand corner of the Analytics tab and select Schedule.

  2. Here, you'll see all of the reports you've scheduled to be sent from that view.

💡 Tip

You can choose to add in a custom message that will be sent alongside the report.

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