Guru allows your team to easily access information in your workflow, and with Content Performance, you can track when your prospects are engaging with your assets in Guru. Including Dynamic Links in your bulk campaigns (via tools such as Outreach, SalesLoft, etc.) allows you to gather engagement metrics for your entire recipient list.

✍️ Note

This article outlines the steps to send a dynamic trackable link in a bulk campaign. If you are looking to send a trackable link to one specific recipient using email, not an automation tool, instructions can be found here.

1. Navigate to the Card that contains the link you would like to send.

2. Click the Share icon and click Track link. This method is useful when there are multiple links in the Card that you would like to include in your email campaign.

Or, click the Copy trackable link icon on the hover state over the hyperlink within the body of the Card.

3. Click on the Create a dynamic link tooltip.

4. Click Generate Link for as many of the links you'd like to track. Then, Copy Link.

5. Paste the copied link into your email setup. You can edit the content, but the link(s) should remain intact. Adjust the link to align with your tool's variable tags/fields.

✍️ Note

Certain bulk automation tools, such as SalesLoft, will automatically adjust the dynamic link to align with the variable tags/fields that are native to their system. When using Outreach and if the automatic adjustment doesn't occur, manually inserting the variable tags/fields is necessary.

6. If you are using another tool, you will need to adjust the link's syntax to ensure it aligns with the variable tags/fields you have set up in your campaign system:

7. When copying a dynamic link from Guru, it will appear in this form:{{REPLACE_WITH_CUSTOMER_EMAIL}}&rep#{{REPLACE_WITH_REP_EMAIL}}

In order to customize this for your campaign tool, change the #{{REPLACE_WITH_CUSTOMER_EMAIL}} and #{{REPLACE_WITH_REP_EMAIL}} fields to reflect the variable tags used in your tool. *See below for Campaign System Specifics.

8. Once your campaign goes live you will receive a Slack message or email whenever a prospect clicks!


Ensure that you have Slack notifications in Guru turned on by typing enable notifications in your DM with @Guru

Campaign System Specifics

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