Admins, Collection Owners, and Authors can view Analytics in Guru. You will only be able to view Guru analytics data on the content within the Collections that you have Author access to.

Download Analytics

1. Navigate to Analytics in the web app.

2. Determine which data set or individual widget (Team Usage, Most Viewed Cards, etc.) you would like to download.

Option 1: Download a data set by navigating to the top right of the screen and selecting the ellipses icon then Download.

Select your format type of .csv or .PDF.

Option 2: Download a widget by selecting the ellipses icon in the top right of the widget's section. Then select Download data.

Choose from the various download formats provided.

Share the stats with members of your team, remembering to provide background, so that they can interpret the statistics in a meaningful way.

Advanced data options

The reports found under the Analytics tab will display a maximum of 500 rows. If you're hoping to view the total number of rows for a longer time frame, such as a year, you can use the following steps to download a report which includes all rows.

  1. Navigate to Analytics in the web app.

  2. Click on the three ellipses to the right of the report name.

  3. Click on the Advanced data options toggle to modify the default report.

  4. Change the "Number of rows to include and columns to include" from its default value of "Current result table" to "All results". This will result in a downloaded report with greater than the 500 rows displayed in the Analytics tab (if more than 500 rows exist).


All Analytics widgets will update every 1-2 hours with your team's information. Analytics data will go back to the date that the user started using Guru.

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