Guru’s Content Performance feature integrates with Salesforce. When your reps send sales assets through trackable links, Guru connects the prospect’s contact information to open opportunities and accounts influenced by this trackable asset. To view the analytics for Content Performance, refer to the following two tabs under Analytics in Guru:

Through the Content Performance Sales Engagement Analytics Dashboard, you can measure the total amount of opportunities influenced by the content your reps are using during the sales process, identify top performers, and understand what assets are most valuable at particular stages of the buyer's journey.

In the Sales Activity Analytics Dashboard, you can track what content your reps are sharing with prospects broken down by Salesforce contact and opportunity, and understand when this content is sent or clicked at a particular stage.

Content Performance Analytics are designed to help you identify trends, opportunities, and gaps to better inform your Product Marketing strategy.

Using Sales Engagement and Sales Activity Analytics

  • To see these analytics, navigate to the Guru web app and select Analytics.
    The Sales Engagement tab: provides information on the Sales team’s use of content and the opportunities influenced.
    The Sales Activity tab: displays a breakdown of content sent by reps to particular contacts/opportunities, along with the click status.

  • Opportunities or Accounts “Influenced” are those that have interacted with a trackable asset.


Use the analytics filters to dig deeper into particular variables to get greater insights into how Guru content is performing.




Users in Guru who have created Cards

Date Created

When the Card(s) were first added in Guru.

Date Verified

When the Cards were verified (marked as trusted) in Guru


Gives users the ability to filter for particular Card


Gives users the ability to filter for a particular amount (or range) of external clicks

Initial Stage

The Opportunity stage at which the asset was sent to the contact

Current Stage

The stage at which the Opportunity is now after the initial sending


The user in Guru who sent or viewed the content


The Account of the contact in Salesforce that interacted with the asset


The Opportunity in Salesforce that interacted with the asset


Gives users the ability to filter for Cards that have been Sent, Clicked, or Viewed Over Salesforce (Only visible in the Sales Activity tab)

Sales Engagement

Users Sent these Cards

  • Number of users who have sent Card(s) utilizing content performance.

Opportunities Influenced

  • The total number of deals where a trackable link from Card(s) were either clicked or Viewed Over (SFDC)

Closed Won Deals Influenced

  • The total number of closed-won deals where a trackable link from Card(s) were clicked (not just 'sent')

Total Opportunity Value

  • The sum of the opportunity amounts as listed in Salesforce for all opportunities that have clicked on a trackable link. This calculation does not factor in whether the opportunity was closed won or lost.

  • A deal is added to this calculation when a contact from the account clicks a tracked link.

  • Each opportunity is only added to this calculation once, regardless of the number of tracked links they receive/click.

Top Card Engagement

  • Displays the top five Cards within the filters applied

  • Provides a count of Times Sent, External Clicks, and Closed Won Deals Influenced for each Card

  • The chart is ordered based on `closed won deals influenced` (asset sent AND clicked) descending from left to right.

Stage Analytics

  • Provides a count of Times Sent, External Clicks, and Closed Won Deals Influenced by Stage. Designed to help users understand where reps are using assets in the deal cycle, as well as where opportunities are being influenced.

Cards (List of Cards within filters applied, along with):

  • Card Author

  • Views over SFDC
    Allows users to understand which Cards reps are viewing over SFDC which can give insight into what knowledge your reps are using to aid in their sales, as opposed to just content sent

  • Number of Opportunities Influenced
    Users can drill down to see a list of Opportunities influenced by a particular Card

  • Number of Closed Won Deals Influenced

  • Times Sent

  • External Clicks

  • Opportunity Value

Sales Activity

The Sales Activity view allows you to see a feed of what content your team has been using to win deals. Filters allow you to isolate activity by a certain user, Account, Opportunity, or Stage.

The Sales Activity dashboard provides insight by day into:

  • All the tracked links sent by users

  • The associated Recipient, Account and Opportunity

  • The stage at which the asset was sent

  • Whether or not the prospect interacted with the link

💡 Tip

This information allows you to better coach your Sales team on the assets they should be sending, when to share certain content, as well as how to present certain assets. As a marketing organization, you can utilize this information to evaluate which assets are and aren't influencing opportunities for your company.

Exporting, Sending, and Scheduling Reports

You can easily export, send and schedule reports from both the Sales Engagement and Sales Activity tabs. Learn how to do this here.

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