You must be an Admin to remove users from your Guru team. Currently, there is no way to view who invited or removed users in Guru. If you're curious who invited or removed a user from your Guru team, we recommend contacting your team's Admin(s).

Removing a Guru User

  1. Navigate to your Team Settings page.

  2. Select the Users & Collections tab on the left sidebar.

  3. Click the gear icon to the right of the user's name.

  4. Select Remove from Team.

  5. Click Remove user to confirm that you want to remove the user.

✍️ Note

When you remove a user from Guru, that seat becomes available for another user.

✍️ Note

When removing users, note the team must have at least one Admin remaining.

Reassigning a User's Cards

  • If the removed user has created content, you will be asked to transfer Verifier responsibility of those Cards. Choose the person you would like to edit and verify that content. Only Authors can create and edit content.

  • If you remove a user that verifies content, Cards will be automatically assigned to the Collection Owner Group as the new Verifier. If no Collection Owner is available, we reassign to the current top Verifier in that collection.

  • If you anticipate removing a user, it will be helpful to reassign verification responsibilities of their Cards in the Card Manager prior to removing them.

Reassigning a User's Cards when SSO/SCIM is enabled

  • If your team is using SSO with Guru for user management, an Admin will need to remove those users in Guru's Team Settings page. Upon removal, an Admin will get a prompt asking them to reassign all Cards that the user is currently the Verifier for.

  • If your team is using SCIM for user management, Admins must remove users in your IdP provider. When you do this, the Cards will have no Verifier and there's no prompt to reassign them.

  • When Cards are without a Verifier, we automatically assign the Collection Owner Group as the new Verifier. If there is not a Collection Owner Group available we reassign to the current top Verifier in that Collection.

Auditing and editing your users

We recommend removing any users as necessary before adding new users. This will prevent any accidental purchase of more seats than your team needs. For example:

  • Your team currently has 100 users

  • You plan to remove 20 users from your team and add 30 new users

  • If you add the 30 users first and then remove 20 users, you’ll pay a prorated rate for 30 new users and have 20 seats available to fill for the remainder of your billing cycle

  • If you remove the 20 users first and then add 30 users, you’ll pay a prorated rate for 10 new users and have no empty seats available to fill


After removing a user, that person will no longer have access to your knowledge or be able to take action in Guru. Your billing will be updated to reflect the change, dependent on your account details.

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