Guru supports automatic user and group provisioning with the SCIM (System for Cross-domain Identity Management) standard. To set up automatic provisioning, your team will need to first have Single Sign On (SSO) set up and configured for your team.


You must be an Admin to set up SCIM for your team.

✍️ Note

If your team has single sign-on (SSO) and SCIM enabled Admins can no longer invite users via the web app. You must invite new users via your IDP provider.

What does automatic provisioning do? Why is it useful?

With automatic provisioning enabled, Guru Admins can add, remove, and assign users to groups both inside their identity provider and in Guru. This process allows larger teams to manage their users and groups in one place.

When can I set up automatic provisioning?

Before you set up automatic provisioning, please confirm the following:

  1. Your team must have Single sign-on enabled.

  2. You must be an Admin.

✍️ Note
You must have at least Guru's Builder Edition to enable SCIM. If this is the case and you don't see the SCIM toggle available for your team, please contact your team's Account Manager or so we can work with you to ensure you have the correct feature access.

Setting up Automatic Provisioning

After our team has enabled automatic provisioning for you, follow the below steps:

  1. Navigate to the SSO/SCIM page

  2. Toggle the button next to Authorize SCIM Provisioning to ON

✍️ Note

Members added through automatic provisioning are billable as soon as they sign in for the first time. The cost of new member accounts will be prorated for the remainder of your current billing period.

Instructions specific to your Identity Provider

The provisioning setup varies depending on the identity provider (IdP) your team uses. Guru is featured as a member of the Okta network, but this functionality works for any IdP that supports the SCIM 2.0 standard. Here is a list of some identity providers teams have integrated with:

If your IdP is not listed above and you need help navigating the setup, please reach out to Guru at

✍️ Note

Guru currently does not support automatic provisioning through Office 365. We only support SSO through Google and standard SAML using a third-party identity provider.

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