Guru Dropbox Sync

Our Dropbox Sync feature is a part of our Knowledge Sync offerings. Learn more about Guru's Knowledge Sync feature!

Prior to setting up your Dropbox Knowledge Sync, please read ALL instructions and notes below to ensure that your Dropbox instance is in optimal shape for a successful sync into Guru.


Only users with Admin permissions can set up a Knowledge Sync.

Setting up your Dropbox Knowledge Sync:

1. Navigate to the Guru web app and click on your avatar on the top-right corner.

2. Select Team Settings from the dropdown selector.

3. Select the Knowledge Sync in the left sidebar.

4. Click Sync a New Collection and select Dropbox as the External Account Type.

5. Click Authorize to sync with Dropbox with your Dropbox Business login.

✍️ Note

Dropbox Sync can only be configured with Dropbox Business accounts. In order to authorize this integration, you must be a Dropbox Business Admin as well

Guru Dropbox Set Up Login

6. Once your account is authorized, choose a folder to sync.

7. Enter the email you use for Dropbox Business to confirm your account. This does not need to be the same email you use to log into Guru.

8. Choose whether you would like to Embed Assets:

Yes: Regardless of access set in Dropbox, file assets on a synced card will be previewed in an embedded file viewer and downloadable
No: File assets on a synced card will display as a file link that redirects to Dropbox instance of file. The file will not be displayed in Guru.

9. Title your collection and click Save.

Guru Dropbox Sync Set Up

10. Assign a Collection Owner to the Knowledge Sync. The Group you select must have users in it.

11. ​Turn verification OFF or ON for the Knowledge Sync.

12. Once you click save, please allow up to 24 hours for the initial sync to go through.

13. Navigate to the Knowledge Tab and select the Collection to which you’ve synced.

14. View your Dropbox content in Guru Cards!

✍️ Note

View and edit permissions are still managed in Dropbox once the Collection is synced.

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