Users can search & share Guru Cards in two locations within MS Teams:

  • Team/Channel: Within any (non-private) channel for a Team (with the Guru app installed)

  • Personal: Within any 1-1 or Group direct message Chats

✍️ Note

In both scenarios, users within any given chat or channel must authenticate to view posted Cards within Teams, unless the Card is Public. For non-public cards, Guru will still restrict visibility to the Card content based on any user group access restrictions enabled in the Privacy & Sharing for the Card.

Search & Share via the Message Extension

1. Select the Guru app icon in our MS Teams and click Search Guru.

Search Guru in MS Teams Chat

2. You'll be presented with a list of any recently viewed Cards and a search prompt. If the Card that you're interesting in sharing is not in your "Recently Viewed" list, typed any keywords in the search prompt and select Search to surface Guru Cards most relevant to your query.

3. Once you've found the Card that you're looking to post, click the Post to this Chat / Channel button, and then hit submit on your message to post into the channel/chat.

Guru Search in Microsoft Teams

Answer with a Card via the Message action

1. In response to any message within Microsoft Teams, you can reply with a Guru Card, by selecting the ellipses at the top right corner of the message and clicking More Actions > Answer with Card.

Answer with a Card - Microsoft Teams and Guru

2. When you search for and find the Guru Card you're interested in sharing with the channel or chat, click the Answer with Card button, and then choose to submit your message to post into the channel/chat.

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