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Prior to setting up your Zendesk Knowledge Sync, please read ALL instructions and notes below to ensure that your Zendesk instance is in optimal shape for a successful sync into Guru.


You must have Zendesk and Guru Admin credentials in order to set up the Zendesk Sync.

✍️ Note

We recommend reviewing Security settings within Guide Settings in Zendesk prior to setting up a Knowledge Sync. Guides with Limit to user segment set to Agents and managers or Agents and admins will not sync and should be updated to Signed-in users before proceeding with the steps below.

Setting up your Zendesk Knowledge Sync

  1. In Guru's web app, navigate to Team Settings and select Apps and Integrations from the section on the left-hand toolbar.

  2. Select Knowledge Syncs from the panel selectors.

  3. Navigate to the Zendesk tile and click Add Sync.

  4. Input your ‘Zendesk Account Host’ field. This is your subdomain, which only includes the bolded section of the following: xxxxx.zendesk.com/hc/en-us


Your Zendesk Account host is only the bolded (xxxxx) section shown above. You can find your Zendesk Account Host Field by visiting Zendesk's Help Center here.

5. Click Authorize. If you're not currently logged in as a Zendesk user with access to this Guide, you will be prompted to do so. Once you’ve authorized your Zendesk account, you will be prompted to select a Locale.

  • Optional - If you would like to sync articles from a specific Brand rather than articles found within your primary subdomain you can click on Sync from a brand (advanced option) and enter your Brand subdomain:

6. Click Next and enter a Collection name.

7. Assign a Collection Owner to the Knowledge Sync. The Group you select must have users in it.

8. ​Turn Verification OFF or ON for the Synced Collection.

9. Click Save to initiate Content Sync. This process may take up to 24 hours.

10. Navigate to the Collections page in the web app and select the Collection to which you’ve synced.

11. View your Zendesk Articles as Guru Cards!

Frequently Asked Questions about Zendesk: Knowledge Sync

What happens if an Article, Category, or Section is removed from Zendesk?

Should an Article, Category, or Section be removed from the synced Zendesk instance, it will be removed from Guru upon the next automated run of the Knowledge Sync.

Which articles can be synced?

All published Zendesk Articles are synced, regardless of who "Visible to" is set to. Draft Articles and hidden Articles are not synced into Guru.

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