Tags greatly enhance searching for information in Guru, but as your content grows in size, you'll need a way to organize your tags via Categories.


Only Admins and Authors can access the Tag Manager and create Tag Categories.

Creating Tag Categories

  1. Navigate to Team Settings then the Tag Management tab. On the left, you will see Tag Categories and categorized tags. On the right, you'll see ungrouped tags.

  2. To add Tag Categories, enter the desired name into the Create new tag category field and press enter. You can always edit the name of the Category by clicking the pencil icon to its right when you hover over its name.

Create a tag category

Adding a tag to a Category

  1. Drag the tag from the right side of Tag Manager into the appropriate Category. Tags can only exist in one Category. Thus, they are a great way to differentiate tags of the same name that pertain to separate subjects.

  2. Click on the tag to open up the Tag Settings. Here, you can edit the tag's name, assign it to a Category, delete it, or merge it with other tags.

  3. Finally, you can automatically add a net new tag within a Category by clicking Add a Tag in the Category field.

Add a tag to a category

Deleting a Tag Category

Hover over the Tag Category name and click on the trash can icon.


When you delete a Tag Category, you will also delete all of the tags inside of the category.


If you are looking for an easy way to bulk-delete tags, you can add them all to one Category and then delete the Category.

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