It's important that Cards are verified by subject-matter experts in a timely fashion. Verifiers and verification timelines for Cards should be updated to reflect any personnel changes on your team, such as promotions or transfers. You can edit the verification interval and Verifier on an individual Card itself or on multiple Cards using Card Manager.


You must be an Author or Collection Owner to verify/unverify Cards, change the Verifier, or change the Card's verification interval.

Changing the Verifier or Verification Interval for a Card

For individual Cards

To change the Verifier or Verification Interval on a specific Card, you can do so directly on the Card.

  1. Search for the Card you wish to verify or unverify in the Guru web app or Guru extension.

  2. Open the Card and click the "Verified" green circled checkmark icon or the "Unverified" red circled exclamation mark icon on the Card.

  3. Click on the dropdown for Verifier or verification interval and make the desired changes.

  4. Voilà! You have now modified this Card to reflect your verification preferences.


When you bulk change the verification interval, if you are in the Verifier Group the Cards will become verified. If you are not in the Verifier Group, the Cards will become unverified.

For multiple Cards

To change the Verifier or verification interval for multiple Cards, the easiest way to do so is through Card Manager.

  1. Navigate to Card Manager in the Guru web app.

  2. Use the filters on the right-hand side to surface the Card you wish to modify.

  3. Select the check-boxes next to the Cards your wish to alter or select the top check-box to perform an action on all Cards that were surfaced using your filter(s).

  4. Click the Change Verifier or Change Interval bulk action(s) in the navigation bar.

Changing the Verifier of multiple Cards in the Card Manager
Changing multiple Cards verification interval

5. Voilà! The Cards you have selected have been modified in Guru.

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