If your company primarily stores content in Google Drive, it can be helpful to create a guide that clearly defines what should be kept in its original Google Drive form and what should be made into Cards.

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Check out this Best Practices article with helpful examples about the type of content to create directly in Guru vs. attach from another source.

Reasons to replace a Google Drive asset with a Guru Card

  1. Keep knowledge up to date via Guru's verification process.

  2. Maintain organization and reduce the amount of lost information.

  3. Drive better adoption rates, having information found in the first place people search re-affirms Guru's value for your team.

  4. Searchability: bite-size knowledge in Guru Cards is easier to quickly search for than long-standing docs across file folders.

We recommend embedding (or linking to) a Google Drive asset if:

  1. It is written in long-form content (think, a research document).

  2. It is a particular-use program that has specific editing capabilities for that asset (think, a Google Sheet).

Best practices for structuring Cards with embedded or linked Google Drive assets

  1. Make it searchable. Give the card a title and tag(s) that reflect the Google Drive asset that’s inside.

  2. Provide context on what the asset is about, what it should be used for, and what audience it is targeting.

  3. You can also embed iframes or link out to the doc/spreadsheet/slides so that your team can scroll through the asset without leaving the Guru Card.

Google Drive files that are embedded in Guru will not appear in Guru search results. File attachments will appear in search, however, so if you attach the file in addition to embedding it, those results will show in search results. Learn how content is indexed for search.

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If you want the Google Drive links to be public (to share with an external source for example) make the file public to the web OR visible to anyone with the link. Learn more about Google link sharing.

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