Favorite Cards are only available for teams on the Builder, Expert, or Enterprise editions of Guru.

What can Favorite Cards and Favorite Card Lists be used for?

There are a lot of possibilities for how your team can leverage favorite Cards and favorite Card lists, here are a few:

  1. Presentation Prep: Reps can create lists of related Cards for specific purposes like individual calls or prospects.

  2. New Product Release: product marketing teams can utilize lists to update knowledge in multiple Cards living across Collections when a new feature or update goes live.

  3. Onboarding: Managers can advise new users to favorite a set of cross-functional Cards that are useful during onboarding so the new user can refer to this list to get up to speed during their first weeks.

  4. Support FAQS: Support reps can easily group and surface knowledge that may live across Boards and Collections into that are helpful fo answering technical and frequently asked questions into lists.

  5. Cards to Review: Subject matter experts can utilize lists to select and organize Cards created by their team or themselves that they wish to review, update and verify.

Favoriting a Card

  1. Open the desired Card.

  2. Click the heart icon on the left side of the Card. ❤️ You can unfavorite the Card at any time by clicking the heart icon again.

Favoriting a Board

  1. Open the desired Board from the Guru web app.

  2. Click the heart icon ❤️ on the top of the Board to the right of the Board name. You can unfavorite the Board at any time by clicking on the heart icon again.

Locating your Favorite Cards

Method #1 - In the Extension

  1. In the Cards view, select Favorites located under the search bar to easily browse the Cards that you favorited.

  2. Click the carrot next to the default My Favorite Cards list to select your desired Card to view.

Favorite Cards in Extension

✍️ Note

You cannot filter for your favorite boards in the Guru browser extension.

Method #2 - In the Web App

  1. Open the web app and click the 'G' icon on the top navigation bar to go to the Guru Dashboard.

  2. Under the display of Total Cards, click Favorite Cards to find your Favorite Cards Lists or Favorite Boards to view your Favorite Boards.

💡 Tip

From the Favorite Card Lists view, you have the option to edit, copy Card content, copy a Card link, and track a Card link directly from the favorite card by hovering over the Card.

Filtering your Search for Favorite Cards

  1. After you perform a search in the extension or web app, you can select the checkbox to Display My Favorites only to narrow down your search to only the Cards that you have favorited. Learn more about how to filter your search.

Filtering Search by Favorites in Extension.

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