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Duplicate Detection for Guru is only available on our Builder, Expert, and Enterprise Editions. Interested in upgrading? Visit your team's billing page or contact us by emailing support@getguru.com.

Combing through your knowledge base to find duplicate content can be a daunting task – don't worry, you can let Guru do the work for you! With Duplicate Detection, Guru continuously monitors your knowledge base by intelligently flagging duplicative content to ensure your knowledge base is a single source of truth. Once identified, Duplicate Detection allows you to easily edit, archive, or dismiss the content.

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Once your team has published over 100 Cards, Duplicate Detection will run once a week on Mondays at 6:00 AM GMT.

Using Duplicate Detection

1. Navigate to Team Settings and click on Duplicate Detection.

2. Read through your Duplicate Card queue. Each Card group includes:

  • Primary Card - The oldest or most popular Card

  • Duplicate Card(s) - The content Guru identifies as similar to the primary Card

  • Similarity Rating - The degree of similarity between the Cards in the group

  • Popularity Score - The number of times each card has been viewed, copied, and shared by your team

​4. Take action by clicking on the ellipsis next to the duplicate Card by either:

  • Editing the content to highlight differences

  • Archiving the duplicate content

  • Dismissing the Card as a non-duplicate

​5. If you determine that a Duplicate group does not contain any duplicates, you can simply dismiss it by clicking ⓧ Dismiss in the top right corner.

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