Combing through your knowledge base to find duplicate content can be a daunting task – don't worry, you can let Guru do the work for you! With Duplicate Detection, Guru continuously monitors your knowledge base by intelligently flagging duplicative content to ensure your knowledge base is a single source of truth. Once identified, Duplicate Detection allows you to easily edit, archive, or dismiss the content.

Using Duplicate Detection

1. Navigate to Team Settings

2. Click on Duplicate Detection

3. Read through your Duplicate Detection Queue. Each Card group includes:

  • Primary Card - The oldest or most popular Card

  • Duplicate Card(s) - The content Guru identifies as similar to the primary Card

  • Popularity Score - The amount of times each card has been viewed, copied, and shared by your team

  • Similarity Rating - The degree of similarity between the Cards in the group

​4. Take action by clicking on the ellipsis next to the duplicate Card by either:

  • Editing the content to highlight differences

  • Archiving the duplicate content

  • Dismissing the Card as a non-duplicate

​5. If you determine that a Duplicate group does not contain any duplicates, you can simply dismiss it by clicking "Dismiss Group" in the top right.

✍️ Note

Duplicate Detection will run once a week in your Guru team on Monday at 6AM GMT.

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