AI Suggest tag guides you to existing and new tag suggestions while in the Card creation process. You will see suggested tags based on other content in your account and what makes the most sense for your team.

Frequently Asked Questions about AI Suggest tag

What are the two types of suggestions?

  • Suggested tags: These are tags that already exist in your account, that seem relevant to the content in the Card you're creating. Since tags act as filters in your search, use them across content can help your team get the information they need faster.

  • New tags: These are tags that haven't yet been created but could be helpful given the content of your knowledge.

How do I use suggested tags?

During the Card creation process, when choosing tags you will see a yellow dropdown appear. You can select the tags from either the Suggested tags or New tag categories in the dropdown. After selecting the tag you would like, you can add in others as well.

Can I still use non-suggested tags?

Yes! You can scroll beneath the yellow dropdown to choose pre-existing tags. You can also still search for tags in the drop-down menu.

How do I turn on/off new suggested tags?

You must be an Admin in your account in order to turn them on or off.

  1. To navigate to your Team Settings page, click on your avatar and select "Team Settings."

  2. Next, select Tag Management under the "Tools" bar on the left side of the screen.

  3. In the Tag Management page, click on the checkbox to "Suggest NEW Cards during Card Creation process."

  4. If at any time you want to turn it off, uncheck this box.

How quickly will suggested tags appear after creating my Guru team?

The process to start generating suggestions for tags runs once a week, early Monday UTC time. Due to this, depending on when you create your Guru team, it may take several days before you see suggested tags for the first time. Once the process begins, suggestions will regularly update as the machine learning powering AI Suggest tags learns from your team’s activity.

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