The Card Manager allows you to slice and dice your content, so you can concretely assess and understand all content in your knowledge base. Filtering provides insight into every Card attribute including popularity, trust status, author, times copied, and much more. With that level of insight, you can advise the team and develop assets to help the team close tickets or deals faster.

Evaluating Cards in the Card Manager

1. Go to the Guru web app and select Card Manager from the top navigation bar.

2. Determine how you would like to filter your Cards. You can do this by any of the Card attributes (e.g. number of views, verifier) individually or by a combination of the Card attributes you would like to filter.

3. Select your filters from the Filter by Attributes column, on the right side of the Card Manager.

  • Example - To see popular Cards you verify, choose 'Times Viewed' and enter a number to represent a high number of views (dependent on your team size and content— 50+ is generally appropriate). You would also choose 'Verifier' and select your name. These two filters will update the Card Manager to display the Cards you verify that have more than 50 views. You can also save this filter to be used by any member of your Guru team. See below to read how to create a saved filter that you can continually reference.

4. Analyze the information. Evaluate what can be done to improve your team's experience based on the information displayed.

  • Example - If a Card has been viewed 50+ times and is Untrusted, make sure it's up to date, so that your team's most used information is accurate. Additionally, any content that is used frequently should be revised to ensure it's providing the maximum utility to your team.

5. Continue filtering and assessing content to gain an even fuller understanding of your team's knowledge. The Card Manager provides insight into not just your content, but the content of all authors, so use it to gain a holistic view of your knowledge.

How to Create, Access, and Delete a Saved Filter in Card Manager

Create a filter

1. Choose the one or more attributes that you would like to use for the saved filter.

✍️ Note

If you want Collection to be part of your Saved Filter, you must choose an additional attribute.

2. Once you've selected the attributes, scroll down on the right side attribute bar to the Save Filter button. Click this, and then name your filter in the Custom Filter Name box. The filter attributes will be listed underneath this box.

3. Save your filter!

To access your saved filters:

1. In the top right hand corner of Card Manager, click the bookmark icon.

Guru Card Manager - Filters

2. Select your saved filter to view the applicable Cards!

To delete a saved filter:

  1. Navigate to the bookmark icon.

  2. Hover over the saved filter you'd like to delete.

  3. Click the trash icon and confirm the deletion on the pop-up window.

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