Guru's search is influenced by the following attributes in this order:



Card title matches

Tag matches

Attachment file name
(Guru-hosted files only)

Refer to When to Include Files in Guru Cards: Best Practices for examples of files that can be uploaded (Guru-hosted) or linked in Guru Cards.

Card body matches

Guru's search will take into consideration the contents of Code Snippets. It will not consider HTML published in Markdown.

Attachment file content

For PDFs, Word Documents, Powerpoint, Excel, .png, Photoshop Files, Illustrator Files, and Postscript or
Google Drive-hosted files synced into Guru through Knowledge Sync.

Card usage and activity

Guru's search will take into consideration how many views, copies, and favorites the Card has received and when this activity has occurred.

Make the most out of search:

  • Check out the extension. In the extension default view, you will be able to see "Recently Viewed" Cards.

  • Keep content concise. If content is bite-sized, it helps both the search results as well as the user's experience.

  • Look at the order. Search results are always sorted by most relevant to least relevant.

  • Remember the files. Guru recognizes and accounts for Guru-hosted files and Google-Drive hosted files in search.

  • Take advantage of tags. Help improve your team's search by using tags.

  • Filter your search. Learn more about how to narrow your search results.

Interested in learning more on how to improve your team's experience with search? Check out these tips from our product team.

✍️ Note

There is no way for users to exactly determine the order in which Cards appear in the search results.

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