The Starter Edition offers a special free version of Guru's best-in-class knowledge management tool for a single team of up to 10 users.

Frequently Asked Questions about Guru's Starter Edition

What features are included on the Guru Starter Edition?

The Starter Edition offers your team access to several core Guru features including, but not limited to:

Guru's Starter Edition

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Interested in leveraging Guru's advanced features for your team? Check out our pricing page on here to see all of our editions and feature offerings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I assign Roles to my Guru team on the Starter Edition?

As an Admin, you can grant other users on your team Admin, Collection Owner, and Author access in Guru. Learn more about these different roles and their responsibilities, here.

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The Starter Edition of Guru does not allow Admins to permission users to Read Only access. You also cannot create new Groups in Guru. If you'd like this capability, we recommend upgrading to our Builder, Expert, or Enterprise Editions.

Can I add more than 10 users to my Starter Edition team?

Yes! You can add more than 10 users to your Guru Starter Edition team for an additional fee based on the total number of users on your team. Learn more on our Starter Edition pricing page on here.

What happens when I reach the 10 user limit on my Starter Edition team?

To unlock the ability to add additional users to your Guru Starter Edition team:

  1. Navigate to your Team Settings by clicking your avatar in the upper right corner.

  2. Inside Team Settings select Billing from the left menu.

  3. Insert your billing and payment information and click Submit (only Admins can complete this).

  4. Once you enter your payment information, Admins on your team will be able to invite additional users to your team.

How can I upgrade from the Starter Edition to an advanced Edition of Guru?

Want to upgrade to another edition of Guru? Contact us by selecting 'Chat with us!' under your Avatar in the Web App and Extension, or by sending an email to 🤓

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