Are you having issues receiving emails from Guru? Here are some common troubleshooting methods.

Check your Email settings

Allow emails from Guru

Contact your IT team to check that none of your company's internal security measures are blocking Guru emails. Your team will need to ensure that is a safe contact and is a whitelisted domain.

Check your Spam and Trash folders

Verify Guru emails are not being sent to your Spam or Trash folders.

Troubleshooting specific Emails

Invitation emails

After an Admin confirms you have been invited to a Guru team, you can create an account by navigating directly to the new user account creation page and using the same email that your Admin used to invite you to Guru.

  • If the team you're joining has single sign-on (SSO) enabled, you must authenticate through your team's chosen identity provider (Okta, Azure, etc.).

  • If you are looking to join an existing Guru team but are prompted to create a new team, this means that you may not have been invited to the correct team. Pause before creating a new team and reach out to your team's Admin as a next step.

Account verification email

After you successfully create a new Guru account, check your email settings if you are not receiving the account verification email.

Forgot password email

You can reset your password by clicking Forgot my Password on the web app sign-in page. You won't receive a password reset email if:

  • This is your first time accessing Guru and/or you haven't created an account yet or set a password. You can create a new account using the email address by which you were invited here.

  • You typically access Guru using the Sign in with Google button.

  • Your team has single sign-on (SSO) enabled with an identity provider such as Okta, Azure, OneLogin, etc. You'll need to sign in through your team's chosen identity provider.

Notification emails

Learn when you can expect to receive notification from Guru and where notifications will be sent.

Weekly email digest

Learn when you can expect to receive Guru's weekly email digest.

☎️ Contact us

If you are still not receiving Guru's emails, reach out to Support using the widget in the bottom right corner of this page or by emailing

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