When Notifications are Sent:

Guru will send you notifications in Slack, email or Microsoft Teams when:

  1. You receive a Knowledge Alert.
  2. A user tags you in a comment on a Card.
  3. A user comments on a Card that you verify, even if you were not @ mentioned.
  4. A user requests verification of a Card and you're a verifier.
  5. A user asks a question of you.
  6. Someone clicks on a link that they've sent via Content Performance.

Where Notifications are Sent:

By default, Guru notifications are sent via email. If your team Admin has installed the Guru App for Slack or Guru App for Microsoft Teams you have the option to receive Guru notifications in Slack or Microsoft Teams instead of email.

Want to receive notifications in your chat tool? Set up Guru Slack notifications or set up Guru Microsoft Team notifications.

✍️ Note

Once you enable your Guru notifications in Slack or Microsoft Teams, you will no longer receive notifications via email. We cannot support notifications to both Slack, Microsoft Teams and a user's email at this time.

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