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You must be a Guru Admin to manage API Credentials.

At any point, you can replace your user API token using either of the following steps:

Re-issue an API Token: Method #1

1. Navigate back to the Apps & Integrations page under the Team Settings menu.

2. Open the API Access tab to manage your tokens.

3. Use the circular arrow icon to generate a new API token for yourself or for anyone on your team.

Guru API Generate User Token

Re-issue an API Token: Method #2

1. Perform a POST to the endpoint https://api.getguru.com/api/v1/users/{EMAIL}/token. For example, using curl, you can replace your token with:

curl -u {EMAIL}:{TOKEN} "https://api.getguru.com/api/v1/users/{EMAIL}/token" -X POST

✍️ Note

Make sure you replace {EMAIL} with your email address and {TOKEN} with your API token. Your new token will be returned in the response.

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