Chrome extension keyboard shortcut set up:

  1. Type chrome://extensions/shortcuts into your search bar

  2. Scroll to the Guru extension, and click in the shortcut field.

  3. Type your desired shortcut macro (i.e. Command + G) and that will appear in the shortcut field.

  4. Click Update to save.

Now when you use this command, the Guru extension and any Cards you've opened will pop out. Use the shortcut again to close the extension.

✍️ Note

Make sure you exit out of the Chrome menu before testing out your new shortcut or it might cause Guru to open in a new browser tab.

Frequently Asked Questions about this Shortcut

I typed the shortcut and the extension is opening in a new browser tab. Did I do something wrong?

When clicking on the Guru extension in the browser, it will open a new tab if Guru determines that it does not have permission to overlay the existing tab. This happens in a couple of scenarios:

  • If you are trying to open Guru on a new tab that is controlled by another extension.

  • Opening Guru on an internal Chrome settings page.

  • Opening Guru on a blacklisted website like the Chrome Web Store.

  • Opening on a new chrome tab, this is considered a settings page & Guru opens as a new tab.

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