Access your personal settings to edit your name, upload a photo, edit your password, and set your preferences regarding specific Guru features.

Access your Profile from the Guru Extension:

  1. Open the Guru Extension in your web browser.

  2. Click on your picture/avatar in the top right corner. (This turns into a Settings gear icon when you hover over it.)

  3. Select Personal Settings.

Edit your name:

  1. Click on your current name and edit.

Change/upload a picture or photo:

  1. Click Change photo.

  2. Drag an image (.png, .gif , .jpeg, .svg), click Upload, or attach an image link.

Edit your password:

  1. Select Change Password under your email.

  2. Select Update (See this article for more information).

Edit your team and role:

  1. Select what type of team you are on

  2. Select what role best describes you

  3. Select how your team is using Guru

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