Who can search for Cards in Slack?

Users who have a Guru license can search for Guru Cards in Slack and choose to share them in Slack Channels and DMs. Users without a Guru license will not be able to search for Guru Cards.

Who can view Cards in Slack?

Anybody with access to the Slack channel, even users without a Guru license, can view the content of your Guru Card in Slack in the following cases:

  • You send a Public Card link. The Guru App does not need to be in the channel.

  • You give the default Guru "All Members" Group access to the Collection that the Card lives in and the Guru App is invited to the channel.

  • You give the default Guru "All Members" Group access to the Board Group or Board the Card lives in via Board Group Permissions or Board Permissions and the Guru App is invited to the channel.

Who can create or add to an existing Guru Card using Slack?

You must be an Author or Collection Owner in the Card's Collection in order to create a new Card or add to an existing Card.

How do Cards appear when posted?

When you post a Card in Slack, you will see a preview of the Card (which includes the Card title, verification state, a brief Card content snippet, and option to view the Card in Slack or the web app) when:

  • The person sending the Card has access to the Card

  • You are sharing a Public Card link

  • When the above criteria is not met, the Slack user will simply see the Card URL without a preview.

โœ๏ธ Note

Guru will not show a preview of a Card in a Slack direct message unless you're sharing a Public Card.

While posting a Card or after the Card is posted, you will have the ability to remove the content preview.

What happens if a person tries to interact with Guru but their Slack email isn't found on a Guru team?

If a user tries to interact with the Guru app (ie. search) but their email isn't already added to a team, the user will be prompted to reach out to an Admin to get access.

If that user should have access to Guru but uses a different email in Slack, an Admin can use the Link Users command to link the two email addresses.

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