Referencing the Card's Revision History

You can see a full revision history of a Card by opening the Card and navigating to the ellipsis "" icon and clicking Card details and updates. The Card's Revision History will show its complete edit history. From here, compare previous versions against the current version or the original version of the Card.

Find out who Last Modified a Guru Card and when using Card Manager


You must be an Author or Collection Owner to view the Card Manager. Contact your team's Admin to update your permissions.

1. Navigate to Card Manager in the web app.

2. Select the Display Columns icon in the top right corner of Card Manager.

3. Select Last Modified Date and Last Modified By in the dropdown menu.

4. Sort the Cards displayed by the Last Modified. Now you'll see a list of who last modified a Card and what date they did this.


In Card Manager, the Author of a Card is the original creator of the Card.

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