Embedding a PDF into a Guru Card

If the PDF lives in Google Drive:

  1. Navigate to the PDF document in Drive

  2. Make sure that the share settings are set so that your Guru team has access

  3. Click the three dot menu and select Open in New Window

  4. Open the three dot menu in the new window and select Embed Item

  5. From the pop-up box, you'll see an HTML code. Copy ONLY the URL in the iFrame code.

  6. Navigate back to Guru, and insert an iFrame tool from the top of the editor.

  7. Paste the copied URL in the link box, and drag the iFrame up/down/left/right according to your needs.

✍️ Note

Using the above method ensures that any Guru Cards that are linked within the PDF open as a pop-up through the Guru extension - not in a new tab. If that is your preference, we recommend uploading the PDF to Google Drive and following those steps.

If the PDF lives on your computer:

  1. Upload the PDF to the Guru Card using the file upload icon in Guru.

  2. Once the PDF is uploaded, right-click on the link and select Copy Link Address

  3. Add a new iFrame to the Card (you can type the shortcut /iframe) and paste the URL into the iFrame field

  4. Click the checkmark to finish the iFrame

  5. Adjust the iFrame window as needed

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