Frequently Asked Questions about Verification Status

What is a verification status?

Every Card has a verification status that indicates whether the content is up to date. This allows your team to know which content is safe to use and what needs to be updated by a subject matter expert before moving forward.

How do you view a Card's verification status?

Click on the verification status icon to see when a Card was last verified or why it needs verification— this is the symbol in the top left-hand corner of a Card:

The two status symbols are as follows:

  • Green = Verified

  • Pink = Unverified

✍️ Note

If Cards are not verified by the end of their verification timeline, they become unverified. It's important to review and approve unverified content quickly, particularly if it's frequently used.

Who can choose and edit a Card's Verifier and verification interval?

Authors and Collection Owners can edit the Verifier and the verification interval by clicking on the symbol in the upper right-hand side of a Card.

Who can request verification of an unverified Card?

Authors and Collection Owners can request verification of an unverified Card by clicking the "✔️" icon in the upper left-hand side of the Card and then clicking Request Verification. This will send the Verifier a notification reminder to verify their Card. Read Only users are advised to comment on the Card.

Can you bulk request verification of Cards?

When you bulk unverify Cards from the Card Manager (even if they are already unverified), the Verifiers will receive a notification reminder to verify the Cards.

What are the best practices for choosing a Card's Verifier and verification interval?

Choose your verification frequency based on how often the Card's content could become outdated. If the content will not change frequently, we recommend setting the verification interval to one year. If it will change more frequently, you can select a shorter time frame or input a specific date when this information may change.

When selecting a Verifier, ensure that the person or Group is the most prepared person on your team to update the content. Read more about setting up a Knowledge Council here!

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