After you have started creating Cards and inviting users to your team, changing behavior takes time! Here are 6 tips to reinforce that Guru is the place your team should go to access to expert verified knowledge.

Increasing Adoption with Guru

1. Teach your team to download and use the Guru Chrome extension.

2. Use our Slack or Teams integration to share information directly where you work

3. Teach your team best practices for searching for content.

  • Your team's main way of surfacing content will be via search. Make sure your team knows how to filter their search.

4. Use Knowledge Alerts to share new/updated knowledge with your team.

  • When you add relevant new content to Guru, send a Knowledge Alert to a relevant Group. Ask them to practice clicking "I Read It" to indicate that they received and read it.

5. Keep content concise for easy consumption.

  • Keep content concise! We have found that users do best with content that is under 1000 words (~1 page in a document) which equates to about 1 minute for a user to consume. Read more about how to create and edit Cards here.

6. Use Guru's Analytics to assess your team's adoption.

💡 Tip

When you know an answer lives in Guru, share these gifs with your team to encourage Guru usage and push users to Guru before asking!

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