Frequently Asked Questions about Billing


You must be an Admin to see and manage your Billing page.

How do I change my plan?

Learn about the different plans Guru offers here! If you're interested in changing your plan, reach out to

How do I change my payment information?

  1. Navigate to your Billing Page

  2. Under the Plan details header, select Update Payment Method

  3. Note that you will not be able to fill out the Payment Method without first filling out the required Company Info. Likewise, if there is an error in one field, you will not be able to proceed past that field until it is resolved

What are active, pending, and available users?

  • Active users are team members who have created their Guru account

  • Pending users are team members who have been invited to Guru but have not yet created their account. Pending users become active users upon sign in

  • Available seats are accounts you've purchased and are available to be assigned

How do I know how many active vs. pending users I have?

  1. Navigate to your Billing Page

  2. Under the User Summary header, you'll see your Active Users and Pending Users. For example:

How do I see my past invoices?

We store all of your past Guru invoices in your Billing Page under the Invoices header.

How do I change or add billing contacts?

Under “Company Info,” you can change the primary email receiving invoices, as well as enter “Additional Emails” who will also receive invoices from Guru.

✍️ Note

If you're on an Enterprise plan, please reach out directly to your Account Manager or to make payment changes.

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