You can adjust your Guru Preferences to your liking at any time. Some, like Suggestion Notifications and Knowledge Clipper, allow you to view, search, and add content within any webpage you're using, Below are definitions and uses for each Preference option.

Note - this video contains references to an older extension navigation experience.

How to adjust your Extension Preferences

To access your preferences, open your Guru extension, click your avatar and click Extension preferences. You'll then be able to check the box next to several preferences.

Guru extension preferences menu.

Show Knowledge Clipper

With Knowledge Clipper, you can add Cards and search Guru based on the text on any underlying webpage. When you highlight text on a webpage and right-click, Guru will appear in the dropdown menu.

Guru Knowledge Clipper in action.
  • You can quickly highlight and search Guru more in context over any webpage you're using.

  • You can easily create a new Card in Guru using your highlighted text as the body. Selecting this option will automatically open the extension so you can finish creating the Card.

Show Card Preview on Hover

With this enabled, you will see a preview of each Card in the browser extension when you hover over its title.

Show Pinning Confirmation

When attempting to push situational knowledge, reminders, or how-to's to your team, simply pin a Card to a specific URL.

Show Question Confirmation

This is a helper dialogue that appears in front of questions when you ask them. You may disable this by selecting 'Don't show me this again'.

Default Extension Position

While using the Guru extension on top of various web pages, you may want to move the Guru pane from one side to the other. You can move the extension from right to left as you wish with the rectangular icon located at the top right of the extension. Guru will remember what side of the page you moved the extension to. The next time you open the extension, it will appear on the preferred side.

Multiple Card Display Options

When viewing multiple Cards at once in the extension, you have the option to view them individually or within a tabbed view. Here you can set your default view!

If you have multiple Cards open in the tabbed view, Guru will prompt you with a confirmation message upon clicking the exit button. You can disable this message in your extension settings as well.

💡 Tip

If you would like Cards to appear expanded in the extension, open one Card in the Guru extension and expand the view. Then, all other Cards that you open will be a tab in the extension, outfitted to the expanded size. To enable this feature,
make sure that the Display multiple Cards as: option for "Tabbed" is selected under your Extension preferences.

You are also able to drag and re-position Cards on your screen. When you re-position Cards on a page, the extension will continue to open Cards in the chosen position.

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