With our enhanced Salesforce integration, you can now understand how Guru Content Performance activity directly correlates to interactions with prospects in the Salesforce Account and Opportunity Activity Feed. Learn more about Guru Content Performance.

With our Content Performance Event Integration, your Salesforce teams can report on Sent and Clicks on Guru knowledge shared with prospects. These events will appear in the Activity Feed in the Account or Opportunity Record in Salesforce.


Frequently Asked Questions about Content Performance Event Integration:

Who can find value in using Salesforce Content Performance Event Integration?

  • Sales Enablement: Better understand how sales activity in Guru impacts the buyer journey and open opportunities in Salesforce.

  • Sales Reps: See a full picture of all activity that takes place during the buyer journey in Salesforce.

  • Product Marketing: Show and track the value of content and assets your team creates.

How can I set this up for my Guru team?

You must have Content Performance enabled for your team to use the Salesforce Event Integration.

How often does Guru sync with Salesforce?

Our Guru and Salesforce sync runs about every 12 hours, which may explain why your team sees a delay in Sent and Clicks appearing in your team's Activity Feed in Salesforce. If it is taking longer for notifications to appear, please reach out to Support using the widget located at the bottom right-hand corner of this page.

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