AI Suggest Text (AIST) uses Machine Learning (ML) to generate relevant Card suggestions based on the work you’re doing, in your workflow. It gets better over time as it learns what kind of work your team does and how your team uses Guru in different contexts. By bringing your team knowledge before they look for it, AI Suggest Text saves your team time and effort, allowing them to focus more on the work at hand.


AI Suggest Text is only available for teams on the Expert or Enterprise editions. It can be enabled by an Admin from the Team Settings area in the web app.

How AI Suggest Text works

AI Suggest pays attention to the conversations you’re working on and finds Guru content that can assist with those conversations. It does this by examining the content of the conversation you have open, and using ML to find related knowledge in Guru that’s been helpful in similar situations. These suggestions are brought to you right in your workflow by the Guru browser extension.

✍️ Note

To receive Card suggestions and see the Guru button in other apps, team members must install and enable the Guru browser extension.

Accessing suggestions

When AI Suggest Text is enabled, you can access suggestions that flow into the Guru browser extension in a few ways:

  • By clicking the Guru button that appears in the apps for which AI Suggest Text is enabled. (This button may appear in other apps, but it won’t be connected to suggestions.) If there are suggestions for the conversation being viewed, the button will show with a number of how many Card suggestions it’s found (up to five).

  • If the Guru browser extension is open and there are Card suggestions, you’ll see a yellow dot next to the lightning bolt icon in the top navigation bar of the extension. Clicking that lightning bolt icon will switch to the suggestions list. Note: The yellow dot will also appear when Knowledge Triggers are present.

  • If the Guru browser extension is collapsed, the side tab representing the extension on the edge of your browser window will turn from black to yellow. Clicking this tab will open the Guru browser extension to the suggested Card list.

Guru takes user permissions into account when making suggestions, it will only suggest Cards that users have access to.

✍️ Note

How you access suggestions does not affect AI Suggest Text’s ability to learn and improve the suggestions it makes over time.

How your team can improve suggestions

If Guru’s AI suggestions are not helpful, your team’s search and engagement with relevant Cards (i.e. Card copies) will help Guru learn to surface the right content in the future and improve Card suggestions over time.

How AI Suggest Text improves over time

When you first enable AI Suggest Text, it will use an initial content similarity identification process to find relevant Cards for the content your team is seeing. Over time, as it gets a chance to see more conversations and observe more of your team’s interactions with Cards while they’re working in third-party apps, it will apply what it learns to make suggestions. The more interactions your team has with Cards in the extension, the better Guru will become at providing relevant suggestions. The kinds of actions that help AI Suggest Text improve the suggestions it makes are:

  • Copy actions, for example:

    • Use a keyboard shortcut or the right-click menu to copy a selection of text on a Card.

    • Use the Copy Card URL or Copy content buttons on the Card - even if the Card isn’t open when this action is taken.

    • Copying code blocks or images on a Card using the ellipses or copy options provided by Guru.

  • View actions, for example:

    • Opening a Card.

    • Switching to the tab of an open Card when multiple Cards are open in the Guru extension's Card pop-out window.

These actions are processed multiple times a week to improve the ML model that powers AI Suggest Text.

AI Suggest Text Analytics

Once AI Suggest Text is enabled, you’ll have the ability to get insight into how your team is interacting with suggested Cards by using the Performance tab within Analytics. Learn more in Evaluating the Performance dashboard in Analytics.

Now that you know how AI Suggest Text can help your team, learn how to set it up.

Frequently Asked Questions about AI Suggest Text

Do I have to have the browser extension installed to use AI Suggest Text?

Yes! The Guru browser extension gathers the data that AI Suggest Text requires to be able to generate relevant suggestions. It’s also where suggested Cards are displayed.

How quickly will my team see suggested Cards after I enable AI Suggest Text?

In order to generate suggestions, an ML model has to be created for your team. Depending on when you enable AI Suggest text, it could take up to 24 hours to see your first suggestions.

How quickly will new Cards appear as suggestions?

For customers who already have AI Suggest Text enabled, newly created Cards will take between 3 hours 15 mins and 7 hours 15 mins to appear as suggestions. If it’s critical to communicate new knowledge right away, don’t forget you can also use Knowledge Triggers to alert team members of relevant content in the Guru Extension.

How many apps can I enable AI Suggest Text for?

You can use AI Suggest Text with multiple apps if you’d like.

How can I help AI Suggest Text improve even faster?

AI Suggest Text will learn quickly, especially if multiple members of your team are using the extension while working in other tools. While not necessary, if you want to supercharge the learning process, you can open old conversations in the apps you’ve enabled AI Suggest Text for and then search for and interact with relevant Cards while those conversations are open.

If I use AI Suggest Text with multiple apps, does that mean there is a separate ML model for each app?

No, there is only one ML model per customer, no matter how many tools you use AI Suggest Text with. Since AI Suggest Text focuses on the content of conversations for determining what Cards to suggest, you should still get relevant suggestions while working with different tools. There may be an adjustment period after you enable AI Suggest Text for a new app as the ML powering AI Suggest Text learns about the interactions your team has while working in the new app.

Can I use AI Suggest Text when the conversations we want suggestions for are in languages other than English?

AI Suggest Text works best when both conversations and Cards are in English. Suggestion quality will go down when either is in other languages.

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