Our Google Drive Sync feature is a part of our Knowledge Sync offerings. Learn more about Guru's Knowledge Sync feature!

Prior to setting up your Google Drive Knowledge Sync, please read ALL instructions and notes below to ensure that your Google Drive instance is in optimal shape for a successful sync into Guru.


Only users with Admin permissions can set up a Knowledge Sync.

✍️ Note

Synced Drive files under 10 MB will be added to your team's search index so that they can be returned in search results. Learn more about how our search works.

Setting up your Google Drive Knowledge Sync:

1. Navigate to the Web App and click on your Avatar on the top-right corner.

2. Select Team Settings from the dropdown selector.

3. Select Knowledge Syncs from the right hand side.

4. Click Sync a New Collection and select Google Drive as the External Account Type.

5. Click Authorize to sync with Google Drive using your existing Gmail login.

6. Once your account is authorized, choose a folder to sync.


You can sync folders from Team Drives or My Drives into a Collection in Guru.

7. Title your Collection and select a Collection color.


View and edit permissions are still managed in Google once the Collection is Synced. This means that if any Guru user attempts to access synced information, they will also require permission in Google to view or edit the content.

Guru Google Sync Set Up.

8. Assign a Collection Owner to the Knowledge Sync. The Group you select must have users in it.

9. Turn Verification OFF or ON for the Knowledge Sync.

10. Once you click save, please allow up to 24 hrs for the initial sync to go through.

11. Navigate to the Knowledge Tab and select the Collection to which you’ve synced.

12. View your Google Drive content in Guru Cards.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Google Drive Sync:

How does my folder structure in Google Drive carry over into Guru?

Guru will mimic your Google Drive structure with up to three levels of folder structure by utilizing Board Groups, Boards, and Sections. Any additional folders you have in Google Drive beyond three levels will be flattened as Cards in a Section of the Board.

  • You can only sync Folders from Google Drive, not entire Drives.
  • You can sync folders from Team Drives and My Drives.


Did you know that Google Drive files synced into Guru appear in Guru search results? Sync Google Drive files to help surface the most relevant Cards and to enhance your search experience.

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