Use Guru's Salesforce Knowledge Sync to make your Salesforce Knowledge Articles accessible within Guru. Learn more about Guru's Knowledge Sync feature.

Before you set up your Salesforce Knowledge Sync, please read ALL instructions and notes below to make sure that your Salesforce Knowledge instance is in optimal shape for a successful sync into Guru.


Only users with Admin permissions can set up a Knowledge Sync.

To set up your Salesforce Knowledge Sync

1. Navigate to the Web App and click on your Avatar on the top-right corner.

2. Select Team Settings from the dropdown menu.

3. Select Apps & Integrations from the left sidebar

4. Click Knowledge Sync and select Salesforce as the External App Type.

5. Click Authorize to sync with Salesforce using your username and password

6. Once your account is authorized, choose a folder to sync.

7. Title your collection and Click Save.

8. Assign a Collection Owner to the Knowledge Sync. The Group you select must have users in it.

9. ​Turn Verification OFF or ON for the Knowledge Sync.

10. Once you click save, please allow up to 24 hours for the initial sync to go through.

11. Navigate to the Knowledge Tab and select the Collection to which you've synced.

12. View your Salesforce Knowledge Base as Guru Cards!

Frequently Asked Questions about Salesforce Knowledge Sync

Will Salesforce Knowledge Sync bring the images in my articles into Guru?

Images are supported in the Salesforce Knowledge Sync. All public or internal images that are embedded within the rich text editor in the Salesforce Knowledge Article will appear in the Guru Card.

✍️ Note

Once a Salesforce Knowledge Sync is authorized, the images from your Salesforce Articles will be hosted in Guru. This means that Guru users do not need a seat within Salesforce to view these images.

Users initiating the sync must have Knowledge User and View All permission in Salesforce to ensure images sync properly into Guru.

How is my Salesforce Knowledge synced Collection different from other Collections created in Guru?

  • Salesforce Knowledge Sync will sync as a Read-Only Collection in Guru.

  • Guru syncs only published content from Salesforce Knowledge.

  • Any private, drafted or archived content will NOT be synced in Guru.

  • Updates - Guru only updates articles that have been modified, added, or removed between syncs.

  • Deletions - The Sync process will automatically remove any content from Guru that is no longer in Salesforce Knowledge.

  • Synced Cards will include an external URL to a corresponding page of the source.

How will my Salesforce Knowledge Articles appear in Guru?

The table below shows how your Salesforce Knowledge Articles and hierarchy will translate into Guru.

Salesforce Knowledge


[N/A - Guru Admin will create and name the Collection in Guru]

Guru Collection

Salesforce Knowledge Categories

Guru Board Groups / Board / Board Section
*See note below on hierarchy

Salesforce Knowledge Article (assigned to a Category)

Guru Card (assigned to a Board)

Salesforce Knowledge Article title

Guru Card title

Salesforce Knowledge Article sub-fields & body

aggregated in the Guru Card content

How many levels of the Salesforce Knowledge hierarchy does Guru support?

Salesforce Knowledge categories support 5 levels of hierarchy. Since Guru can only support 3 of these levels, mapping from the Category group/Category in Salesforce Knowledge to Board Group/Board/Board Section in Guru isn't 1:1. If your Salesforce Knowledge contains 5 levels of hierarchy, Guru will roll up the lowest 2 levels of categories.

How do I permission my Salesforce Knowledge synced Collection?

View and edit permissions are still managed in Salesforce once the Collection is Synced. This means that if any Guru user attempts to access synced information, they will also require permission in Salesforce to view or edit the content.

Can I sync Salesforce sandbox Knowledge to Guru?

At this time, it's not possible to sync Salesforce sandbox Knowledge Articles to Guru.

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