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Prior to setting up your Confluence Knowledge Sync, please read ALL instructions and notes below to ensure that your Confluence instance is in optimal shape for a successful sync into Guru.


Only users with Admin permission can set up a Knowledge Sync.

✍️ Note

Guru's Confluence Sync will sync the entire Space from Confluence.

The highest level Pages in Confluence are brought into Guru as Boards. Any Cards that are under the highest level Page in Confluence are nested as Cards within the Board.

Setting up your Confluence Knowledge Sync:

1. In Guru's web app, select Team Settings, Apps & Integrations followed by the Knowledge Sync tab.

2. Select (+) Add Sync within Confluence Cloud.

✍️ Note

If you are hoping to sync from Confluence On-Premise, please follow the steps outlined in this Public Card. Once you have completed the necessary steps, please contact Support by using the widget located at the bottom right corner of this page or by emailing support@getguru.com.

3. Enter your Confluence sub-domain and space abbreviation (to find this in Confluence, navigate to Space Settings. The space abbreviation is found under key.)

Guru Confluence Sync Set Up

4. Now, you'll need to obtain your API Token from Confluence, which you can do by following these instructions.

5. On this site, click Create API Token and enter a name (ex. Guru Content Sync).

6. Copy the API Token from Confluence and insert it into the Guru integrations page.


You may want to store your Confluence API token elsewhere in case you need to reference it in the future.

7. Enter the email address you used to generate the Confluence API Token in the User Email field.

8. Enter a name for your new Guru Collection (ex. Confluence Content) and select a color.

9. Click Create to initiate the sync. This process may take up to 24 hours.

10. Click back to the Knowledge tab to see your new Collection of Confluence-synced Cards.

11. Once your initial Knowledge Sync is completed, this Collection will update every 6 hours to reflect recent changes in the content from the Confluence Space.

Frequently Asked Questions about Confluence: Knowledge Sync

Is it possible to sync just specific Confluence articles into Guru?

Unfortunately, it's not possible to only sync specific Confluence articles into Guru. We bring over information from Confluence at the Space level, so every public Page within your Space will come over as a Card in Guru.

If you'd only like to sync over very specific Confluence Pages, there are two possible solutions:

  1. You can create a new Confluence Space and move all pertinent Pages to that new Space. Now, you can sync this new Space into Guru.

  2. You can sync your entire Confluence Space into Guru and use Board Group Permissions & Board Permissions to share relevant Board Groups or Boards with Groups of your choice in Guru. You can only control this on the Board by Board level.

  3. Write a script to export the desired pages out of Confluence. Place them in a .zip file following the structure laid out in Guru's Developer Documentation on Guru Manual Sync. Follow the steps under API Implementation to write a script that runs the sync every X number of days.

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