AI Suggest for Kustomer

Guru will dynamically suggest helpful content for your support agents while answering customer inquiries in Kustomer. For a more detailed description of AI Suggest and instructions to enable within your Kustomer account: Learn more about AI Suggest & setup AI Suggest.

Knowledge Triggers

Guru can be configured to suggest specific knowledge to your team based on content or fields within Kustomer. For managers, Knowledge Triggers allows you to easily coach your team with information pertinent to their job. No more searching. Guru surfaces knowledge when and where your team needs it.. Learn how to set up Knowledge Triggers in Kustomer.

Note about former Kustomer Knowledge Sync

While the Guru team is still supporting AI Suggest for Kustomer, we would like to formally announce the end of our support of the Kustomer Sync, which was designed to provide periodic synchronization of content from Kustomer's external knowledge base into Guru.

The primary reason for making this difficult decision, was due to the lack of adoption recognized after its release back in Spring 2019. If anyone should have any questions or require additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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