The Analytics section of Guru's web app allows you to track your entire team's usage over the selected time period. By showing all Guru active user events (activities as defined in a full list below), Analytics provides you with valuable insight into team trends.

Once you've built out content in Guru, it's helpful to see how your team is leveraging it. The Overview tab provides a broad look at how Guru is being used at the account level by pulling from widgets within the User and Collections dashboards.


The User tab is only viewable by Admins and Collection Owners. The Collections tab reflects data on the content within the Collections that you have Author access to.

This video contains references to an older navigation experience in Guru.

✍️ Note

All Analytics widgets will update every 1-2 hours with your team's information.

Due to the nature of the content, the Analytics page will generally take around 5-10 seconds to load. If you are experiencing significant delays on the Analytics page, please reach out to for further assistance.

Leveraging the Collection dashboard

Most Viewed Cards

  • The Most Viewed Cards widget shows Cards in order of the number of views.

Trust Score Over Time

  • The Trust Score Over Time chart shows how your Trust Score has changed over a specified timeline. The Trust Score is calculated by the percentage of Trusted Cards (that are Verified) out of the percentage of Untrusted Cards (that are Unverified)

Searches Producing Results

  • These are the top terms that your team is searching for and for which Guru is yielding relevant results. These should be kept in mind when creating future Cards, as they indicate content that is accessed frequently.

Searches Producing No Results

  • These are the top terms that your team is searching for and for which Guru has no results. Review these results and add Guru Cards that address the search terms to grow your knowledge base. Remember, all results are tied to the user's available/accessible Cards at the time of searching. The use of search filters could exclude matching results.

💡 Tip
Search Analytics provides important insights into what your team is searching for in Guru. Card Manager and individual Card details also provide insight into Card views, modification, verification, and more.

Leveraging the User dashboard

Interpreting Adoption

  • The Total Adoption Chart shows the Total # of Users in Guru compared to the Total # of Monthly Active Users (MAU) over a specified timeline.

  • The Adoption Percentage shows the total number of users in Guru compared to the total number of Monthly Active Users (MAU) over the specified timeline.

  • Trailing Adoption shows the 30-day trailing count of active users and the 30-day trailing total users. When the Date filter is applied, the chart reflects the 30-day trailing data during that date range.

Team Usage

  • The team usage chart shows all Guru active user events, which include each time a user creates, views, copies, searches, verifies, or edits a Card. Team usage includes each time a user creates a Board or updates a Board. There will always be fluctuations, but overall, strong teams will continually reach the same usage highs.

Usage by User

  • See team usage broken down by the individual user. This allows you to evaluate adoption and understand how specific members of the team are contributing to overall usage. Team members use Guru at differing amounts based on their role and use case; what's important is that a majority of Guru users are consistently engaged in the product.

  • The actions defined as "usage" by a user are:

    • Commenting on a Card

    • Viewing a Card

    • Verifying a Card

    • Copying a Card link

    • Creating a Card

    • Deleting a Card

    • Updating a Card

    • Copying a Card

    • Favoriting a Card

    • Unfavoriting a Card

    • Viewing a Board

    • Creating a Board

    • Updating a Board

    • Deleting a Board

    • Viewing a file in a Card

    • Copying a link to a file from a Card

    • Asking a question

    • Answering a question

    • Archiving/deleting a question

    • Performing a search

    • Copying a trackable link from a Card

    • Copying a Synced Card link

User Views

  • The User Views section gets more granular into how often users are consuming content from Guru.

  • You can further assess an individual's usage by clicking on the "..." and selecting User Drilldown next to their number of Cards Copied or Cards Viewed.

    • Adjust the filters to see the user's activity within specified timeframes, Collections, sources, and more.

    • The Most Viewed section tells you the Cards they’ve viewed the most. This information allows you to determine which Cards are providing the greatest utility to a user. This can be particularly helpful when looking to determine how top-performing reps are spending their time, or if new reps have viewed their required material.

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