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If your team uses Single Sign-On (SSO) such as Okta, Azure, etc., you must log in to Guru via your SSO identity provider. You cannot sign in through the Guru web app interface.

Follow the steps below to join an existing Guru team.

Step 1: Get invited to a Guru Team

First, an Admin must invite you to join their Guru team.

Step 2: Join the Guru Team

After an Admin invites you to their Guru team, you’ll receive an invitation email. Follow the directions contained in the email to complete your account sign-up process.

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If your team has Domain Discovery enabled, you can proceed to the next step and create your Guru account.

💡 Tip

Invitation emails can take anywhere from a few seconds to a half-hour to appear in your inbox. Review having trouble receiving emails from Guru for more information.

3. Create your Guru account

The unique link in your invitation email will take you to a webpage where you'll complete your Guru account registration by creating a native password to use with your email address as your login. If your team authenticates via Gmail (OAuth 2.0), click the Sign up with Google button.

If, after attempting to sign up for your Guru account, you see the error message “User with that email is already registered”, click the Sign in link at the bottom of the form to sign in to Guru using your existing username and password or the Sign in with Google button.

Troubleshooting joining a Guru team

After confirming your Guru account, you should see your team’s dashboard. If you click the avatar with your initials located in the top-right corner and do not see the correct Guru team name under your first and last name, contact your team’s Admin and ask them to invite you to their Guru team.

If after activating your Guru account you see a Join your Team list containing one (or more) Guru teams, click the + Join Team button next to the appropriate Guru team. If you're not sure which Guru team to join, contact your team's Admin.

If you are a member of more than one Guru team, you can switch between Guru teams after logging in.

Invited to a Guru team but didn’t receive an invitation email?

1. Confirm the Admin has invited you to their Guru team using the correct email address.

2. In your web browser, navigate to: https://app.getguru.com/signin. Click Create an account.

Joining a Guru Team

3. Create a new Guru user account with the same email address that your Admin used to invite you. If your team authenticates via Gmail (OAuth 2.0), click the Sign up with Google button.

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Are you having trouble joining a Guru team? Reach out to Guru Support by sending us a chat using the widget located at the bottom right-hand corner of this page or by emailing support@getguru.com.

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