Changing or Resetting your Password

Roles: Read Only, Authors, Admins

If you enter your credentials to log into Guru natively: learn how to change your password below.

If you log in to Guru using Google's SSO (Single Sign On): Guru is using the password from your Google account. To change this password, you must do so inside your Google account.

How to change your password in the Guru extension

  1. Open the Guru browser extension.

  2. Navigate to Settings by clicking your avatar in the upper left hand corner.

  3. Choose 'Preferences'.


  1. Below your email, select 'Change Password'.

  2. Complete the fields and confirm the action by clicking 'Update'.

How to reset your Guru password

A Guru Team's admin cannot reset the password for a user on their team, a user must reset their own password.

  1. Navigate to

  2. Click Forgot? below the Password box.

  3. On the next screen, enter the email address that corresponds to your Guru account (Be sure to check the spelling.)

  4. Click Reset Password

  5. You'll receive a link in an email to confirm your identity so you can reset your password.