AI Suggest: Control Center

The AI Suggest Control Center allows teams to define the scope in which AI Suggest operates.

Roles: Admin

The Control Center allows you to select

  • Where to integrate AI Suggest

  • Which Collections AI Suggest uses

  • Which User Groups can access AI Suggest

  • What data you do not want AI Suggest to collect (data masking)

AI Suggest Authorization

Choose apps you would like AI Suggest to integrate with by toggling the switch to the right.

Collection Limiting

For teams that want to limit where AI Suggest searches for content, they can select Individual Collections here. Simply search for the Collection(s) to you want to use and click “Add.” Keep in mind, if left blank, AI Suggest will pull from all Collections in the account.

Note: All Group permissioning will still apply, regardless of Collection limiting

Group Limiting

Group limiting allows you to specify which user groups have access to AI Suggest. For example, you can enable AI Suggest for only your support team. Simply search for the group you want to include and then click “Add.”

Data Masking

Data masking allows Teams to control which data AI Suggest processes when analyzing their company’s chat and email.

By default, AI Suggest will mask (not collect) all content that resembles social security numbers, phone numbers, and email addresses. However, these filters can be turned off by an admin user.