Creating Cards in Slack

Roles: Collection Owners, Authors

Generating useful knowledge in conversations in a Slack channel? ⚡️

Capture that content directly in Slack by creating Guru Cards using Slack Actions.

How to Create a Card in Slack


  1. Use Slack Actions to turn a Slack message into a Card. When hovering over a Slack message, click on the three ellipses (“...”) displayed on the upper right-hand corner, which provides the option for “More actions”  

  2. After clicking on the three ellipses, select “Create Card” and a dialogue will appear. image.png

  3. Then, select which CollectionTitle, and Content you’d like to include in your Card.

  4. Next, select the Verifier and Verification interval. You can also assign the Card to a Board and add Tags. image.png

  5. Click “Save” to save your Card in Guru.


  1. Type create card in your DM with Guru or type in help and click on the three ellipses (“...”) displayed to the right of Content Creation, which provides the option for “Create Card”  image.png

  2. Or, you can create a Card in a channel with Guru @mentioned (i.e. @guru create card).

  3. The Guru bot will redirect you to create the Card in a Slack thread, where you can then select the Collection, Verifier, Verification Timeline, Boards, and Tags.

Things to note when creating Cards in Slack:

  • If the Tags/Boards you would like to utilize are not already in your Guru account you can create new Tags and Boards in advance of creating your Card by typing create tag or create board in your DM with Guru.

  • You cannot create new Tags or Boards during the Card creation process.

  • If you answer a question in Slack by creating a new Card via the bot, the verifier is automatically you.

  • The timeline for verification is set for three months by default.

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