Publishing Cards via Guru's API

Roles: Authors, Admins

Publishing via Guru's API allows you to power your external sites with your content in Guru. Your build process extracts designated content from Guru and pushes it to your external site, so all of your new and changed content in Guru is published on your external pages. This allows you to maintain one single source of truth, instead of multiple knowledge management systems.

How to Publish Cards via Guru's API

  1. Reach out to a Guru team member (click 'Contact Us' in the bottom left corner of the web app or under the Settings menu of the extension) for the publish API docs and your team's API information.
  2. Engage with IT or development resources to help build out a published website and work with the Guru customer success team to establish a publishing system that reflects your team's content management process.
  3. Enact the system and publish Guru content.
  • For a full description of the publishing workflow you can read here.
  • For information on publishing an entire Collection to a Guru-powered public site, click here. This requires Admin privileges.