Removing Users

Roles: Admins

To best experience Guru's value, your account should reflect your team's structure as it evolves. When team members leave or take on new positions, Admins should remove those users from Groups and re-evaluate their content.

How to Remove a User

  1. Navigate to the Team screen, where the Team and Groups are managed in the web app (

  2. Identify the user you want to remove and click the gear icon to the right of their name.

  3. Select 'Remove from Team'.

    Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 6.48.23 PM.png

  4. Click 'Remove' to confirm that you want to remove the user.

  5. If that person has created content, you will be asked to transfer ownership of those Cards. Choose the person you would like to edit and verify that content. Remember that only Authors can create and edit content.

    • If you anticipate removing a user, it will be helpful to reassign their Cards via Card Manager prior to removing them. Find out how to edit the verifier and verification timeline of cards here.
  6. That person can no longer access your knowledge or take actions in Guru. Your billing will be updated to reflect the change, dependent on your account details.