Adding Admins

Roles: Admins

In Guru, Admins have the unique ability to invite and remove users, create Groups, manage Collections and assign Roles, and handle payment and billing. If you'd like to share or transfer these abilities, learn how to make another user an Admin below!

How to Make a User an Admin

  1. Navigate to your avatar and click Team Settings(

  2. Select the "Users & Collections" tab in the left sidebar

  3. Select the 'Admins' tab at the top of the page

  4. At the bottom of the tab, you'll find the field to 'find member by name or e-mail'. Begin typing the member's name or e-mail, and the appropriate one should auto-populate for you to easily select.

  5. Choose the appropriate person(s) and click 'Add to Admins'. You can have multiple Admins on a team.

Please Note: Admins are not automatically Authors. If you want to grant someone the ability to create, edit, and verify content, use these instructions to add them to a Group with Author privileges!